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Biden’s First 100 Days: What Did He Accomplish?

Bidens first 100 days were a rocky road, and the path he is on now is a journey that cannot be easily traveled. As a new President, there were many questions about how he would lead the country and what he will do in the first 100 days. His campaign promises were vague, and many expected him to quickly prove that he was a weak leader and then begin a collapse of the American economy. Many were willing to give him the time he needed to get his feet under him. Here are some of what he accomplished;

  • 230 million vaccines administered
  • 11 bills are signed
  • 41 executive orders
  • Immigration reform
  • He passed the budget 
  • He cut the number of generals in the government
  • He cut the number of public servants
  • He signed a decree to boost the economy
  • He pardoned the mothers of the victims of the civil war in Venezuela
  • He requested the government to prepare a plan to reduce corruption
  • He requested a law for the release of prisoners who were convicted and did time in the civil

Biden’s first 100 days in office has been busy. He has proposed “intro” bills and rejected bills. He signed bills and vetoed other bills. He has signed and vetoed certain executive orders. His administration has been active in its first 100 days, and its actions have raised questions.

Bidens first 100 days is it good or not? After being inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States last week, a look back at Bidens first 100 days shows him being confronted with a daunting agenda. In his first 100 days, Bidens has already managed to enact a number of the executive orders he promised to enact as president. He has been able to appoint a Supreme Court pick, Scott G. Soto, who has the support of both Democrats and Republicans. He has been able to oversee the passage of a health care bill that has many critics, including Democrats and the AARP, a longtime advocate of Medicare, the health care program for older Americans. He has also been able to forcefully appoint a new attorney general.

Despite the fact that Biden’s first 100 days are not that far, he has accomplished a lot already. He has initiated many new policies, such as the high tech initiative, he has worked to turn the office of the president into …